Who is who?

Welcome to the world of Stock Characters, which is inhabited by, well, stock characters. Here is a brief introduction to some of our regulars. More will be added once we've become better acquainted with them.

In alphabetical order:

The astronomer   The astronomer. Is sometimes mistaken for an ear specialist because he looks into all kinds of things, but is really only interested in the stars.
The busy man   Busy man. Always busy, always on the phone, always lugging his suitcase trolley behind him. Never knows where he is going to be next, sometimes doesn't know where he is at the moment. He's blocked your path a thousand times.
chars_coatman.png   Coat man. Slightly spooky, always wears a coat. Seems to have a strange effect on the world around him. Is he hiding something under his coat? Is he an exhibitionist? A policeman? Or both?
The cool guy in the suit   Cool guy. Doesn't waste words. Always suited up, always keeps his cool. Is not easily excited.
The cyclist   The cyclist. Eco-friendly, yet hated by pedestrians and car drivers alike. Sometimes feels stuck in his ways. The only one of our characters to actively fight climate change.
The dog   The dog. Your slightly-above-average mutt. Man's best friend. Or so you'd think.
The man with a cell phone stuck in his ear   Ear man. Holds his ear because he has a cell phone stuck in it, which may or may not be removable. Ringtones chime wherever he is going.
The pigeon   The pigeon. Flying rat, cooing menace, or bird with a mission. Never underestimate the pigeon.
Superpowerwoman   Superpowerwoman. Doesn't look like it, but has superpowers. Unfortunately, she's not too aware of them, mostly because the people around her are not easily impressed.
Thoth   Thoth. An Egyptian deity who appears in the form of a man with the head of an ibis. He is in charge of maintaining the universe, the art of magic, the development of science, and the judgment of the dead.