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Messages from the Lost Continent - book cover Messages from the Lost Continent is a unique and at times hilariously funny blend of thriller, science fiction and fantasy novel, which was originally published as a fiction weblog between June and December 2005.

Five agents are sent to a mysterious continent on a mission so secret that not even they are told anything about it. Their only link back to headquarters is an encrypted e-mail channel through which they receive instructions and report back the results of their investigations. Soon, they find themselves being followed by sinister adversaries who do not hesitate to eliminate them if necessary. As the agents slowly uncover the connections between an 18th century watchmaker, a number of ancient artefacts and a piece of cutting-edge modern technology, they find themselves in the middle of a massive conspiracy that could destroy the entire planet...

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Messages from the Lost Continent / conceived & edited by Horst Prillinger
written by Horst Prillinger, Richard Hemmer, Mig Living
with contributions by Gina Ebner and Sabine Waschnig

ISBN: 978-3-8334-6589-5 -- 396 pages
Price: € 24.90 (Germany) - € 25.60 (Austria)

©2007 Horst Prillinger