The main characters

A brief introduction to some of the regular characters of the series. More characters and/or details may be added soon.



Lewis Trondheim: "Lapinot is the hero. He is friendly, full of good intentions and sometimes he's a bit of a pain in the neck ...unlike me." (Chiquenettes, p. 155).
Lapinot is very evasive when asked about his first name ("nobody ever uses it") and obviously very uncomfortable with it (it's revealed in Un intérieur d'artiste).


Richard Mammouth

Lewis Trondheim: "Richard is a guy with whom you never know if you really like him or can't stand him at all ...unlike me." (Chiquenettes, p. 155).
Richard appears in all volumes of the series, in a variety of guises.


Thierry Boulanger ("Titi")

Titi works in marketing. He's a good-natured friend of Lapinot's and quite a ladies' man, to the extent that he often seems quite preoccupied with meeting girls. As he has the necessary expertise, he is always willing to help when someone has girl trouble.
Titi appears in all volumes except in in L'accélérateur atomique.


Nadia Cassayrane

Nadia is Lapinot's girlfriend. She is a freelance journalist who is trying to get a foothold at a local radio station. Nadia and Lapinot meet at a ski resort (Slaloms) and embark on a relationship a little later (Amour & intérim). By La vie comme elle vient the two have moved in together.
Nadia appears in all volumes of the present-day storyline, plus in Vacances de printemps.



Mirabelle is Lapinot's ex-girlfriend. They split briefly before Slaloms. She appears in Les carottes de Patagonie, where she is temporarily possessed by a demon, and in Pour de vrai, where she causes a brief moment of embarrassment for Lapinot. She also appears as the princess in Mildiou.


Félix Charlaud

Félix is a computer geek, and his favourite pastime is playing video games with Richard or Patrick. He appears in Pour de vrai and La vie comme elle vient, but more importantly he is the main character of Cyberculture mon amour, the third volume of the formidable adventures without Lapinot.



Pierrot is the intellectual. Thoughtful, friendly, and a bit reserved, he does not really like Richard's tomfooleries and doesn't share Titi's preoccupation with girls, but he still gets on well with them, even though he's not too welcome at Trivial Pursuit games. Pierrot appears in most of the present-day stories, but is mysteriously absent in La vie comme elle vient.


Lewis Trondheim

As you'd expect, Lewis features heavily in his autobiographical comics (e.g. Approximativement and Les aventures de l'univers). In the Lapinot series, Lewis has a memorable performance as the trigger-happy marshal in Blacktown and a brief cameo appearance in Pichenettes. He also appears as himself in Galopinot and Désœuvré.

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