bass for peace :: earthenstein

composed by horst prillinger; performed by vox populi
running time: 9:42 minutes

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Earthenstein is a monotonous/droney song weirdness very much in the tradition of Mark E. Smith and The Fall. It's the strange story of Rudolph Earthenstein and his evil brother Wolfgang Von Wandshausen, and how one of them (though it's not exactly certain which) comes to his sudden death by slipping on a banana peel while attempting to achieve world domination. The name Earthenstein is nonsensensical of course; think in terms of Frankenstein and Wolfenstein. The song is also an exercise in just how far you can take a song based on a 2-note riff. I took this to almost 10 minutes. If you can listen through this, you should be quite immune to monotony.

Drums, 2 bass guitars, keyboard, voice. Analogue recording to 4-track, then digitized. Enjoy.

this music is made available through a cc by-nc-nd 2.0 creative commons license. please notice that commercial use of this music is strictly prohibited. if you record or download this music, please donate a small amount to UNICEF.

© Copyright 2003 Horst Prillinger, 

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