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Line U1 Kagran - Reumannplatz

Line U1

Length: 6.8 miles, travel time: 18 mins.
14 stations, of which 2 are interchange stations with the S-Bahn and 3 with other metro lines.
South of the Danube the line is entirely in tunnel, north of the Danube it is entirely on elevated track.

Construction started in 1969, first section opened in 1978, completed in 1982.
An extension further north to Leopoldau is currently under construction.

Standard platform length: 115 m.
Rolling stock used: U and U11

Intervals: 5 mins; peak hours 2 mins; evenings 7-8 mins.


first train intervals last train
2 - 8
2 - 8

Opening dates:

1978-02-25: Reumannplatz - Karlsplatz
1978-11-18: Karlsplatz - Stephansplatz
1979-11-24: Stephansplatz - Nestroyplatz
1981-02-28: Nestroyplatz - Praterstern
1982-09-03: Praterstern - Kagran
2006-09-02: Kagran - Leopoldau (planned)

The Stations:

Kagran: ("Chagre's village") - Station opened as "Zentrum Kagran" ("Kagran Central") in 1982, renamed in 1989. In the 12th century the land in this area was presumably owned by a certain Count Chagre.

Alte Donau: ("Old Danube") - Station opened in 1982. The Danube was regulated into its present form in the late 19th century; the Old Danube is a remainder of the original river. It is no longer connected to the Danube and is used for bathing and boating in the summer.
Sights: Old Danube, Donaupark, Danube Tower.

Kaisermühlen - Vienna International Centre: ("Emperor's Mills & Vienna International Centre") - Station opened in 1982. The village of Kaisermühlen is named after the mills that once used to stand here; the Vienna International Centre is the official name of the United Nations offices.
Sights: Vienna International Centre, Donaupark.

Donauinsel: ("Danube Island") - Station opened in 1982. In the 1970s, a new river bed for the Danube was dug to prevent flooding. Most of the excavated soil was heaped up to form an island in the Danube. During the summer, it is populated by bikers, inline skaters, bathers and other people trying to relax.

Vorgartenstrasse: Station opened in 1982. The street is called that way because there is a garden in front of every house.

Praterstern: Station opened in 1981. A street crossing that used to be in the form of a star with the monument of Admiral Tegetthoff at the centre (nowadays it's more of a roundabout, and Tegetthoff looks a bit as if he's lost). Here Nordbahnstrasse, Heinestrasse, Praterstrasse, Franzensbrückenstrasse, Prater Hauptallee, Ausstellungsstrasse and Lassallestrasse intersect. The Prater itself is a huge parkland south-east of the station. Wien Nord railway station is also located here.
Sights: Prater (parkland and amusement park), Giant Ferris Wheel (Riesenrad).

Nestroyplatz: Station opened in 1979. Square named after the Austrian comedian and playwright Johann Nepomuk Nestroy (1801-1862).

Schwedenplatz: ("Sweden Square") - Station opened in 1979. Square named thus to thank the Swedes for humanitarian aid granted to Austria between 1919 and 1922.
Sights: St Rupert's Church (oldest church in Vienna), former Jewish quarter, Otto Wagner's Postsparkasse.

Stephansplatz: ("St Stephen's") - Station opened in 1978. Square in the Vienna city centre, named after St Stephen's Cathedral, which is situated here.
Sights: St Stephen's Cathedral, Graben, and countless others.

Karlsplatz: ("Charles's Square") - Station opened in 1978. Square named after the Karlskirche, a Baroque church commissioned by Emperor Charles IV to thank God for the end of the plague in 1713.
Sights: Karlskirche, Opera House, Kunsthalle, Albertina, Künstlerhaus, Musikverein, Museum of the History of Vienna.

Taubstummengasse: ("Deaf-Mute Lane") - Station opened in 1978. Street named for the institute for deaf-mutes, which was located here between 1803 and 1913.

Südtiroler Platz: ("South Tyrol Square") - Station opened in 1978. Square named in memory of the loss of the South Tyrol, which used to be a part of Austria, after World War I.

Keplerplatz: Station opened in 1978. Square named after the astronomer Johannes Kepler (1571-1630).

Reumannplatz: Station opened in 1978. Square named after the Viennese Mayor Jakob Reumann (1853-1923).

Source for information on street names: Simbrunner, Peter: Wien: Strassennamen von A bis Z (Wien: Ueberreuter, 1989).